Mankato Builders Exchange

SINCE 1916

MBX Application Form

Full Active Membership Qualifications:

Any sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation participating in the construction industry may qualify for membership. The member would need to have access to and the use of plans and specifications in order to procure or provide, bids, quotes, etc, in the business of construction.

If your firm has been the subject of litigation, mediation, or arbitration during the last five years give details of the issues and its resolution.  Provide names of clients involved and contact names and contact numbers.  Involvement in litigation will not necessarily disqualify a proposer, however failure to provide accurate information will render the submittal as disqualified from further consideration.

2020 Yearly Dues: $350.00

The board of directors shall be the sole judge as to whether any membership in the Mankato Builders Exchange will be accepted.

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1000 General2000 Sitework
3000 Concrete4000 Masonry
5000 Metals6000 Wood & Plastic
7000 Thermal & Moisture Protection8000 Doors & Windows
9000 Finishes10000 Specialties
11000 Equipment12000 Furnishings
13000 Special Construction14000 Conveying Systems
15000 Mechanical16000 Electrical & Technical
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